Pantara Cottage

Pantara Island prepares comfortable accommodation and a relaxed cottage located just steps to the beach, it can be tough straight out to stunning views of the sea, surrounding islands, built in the style of Minangkabau mix architect, with interior modern style rattan sofas, and glass windows can opened, with a large terrace relaxing in beach chairs equipped, We give the best with shades. natural, and different cultures.

Fasilitas Cottage

Obtained the following facilities :

  • Japanese architect style tradition
  • The interior modern style rattan sofa
  • Glass window that can be opened
  • Relaxed in a large terrace equipped with chairs beach
  • King size bed dan single bed
  • Fully air condition
  • Refrigerator with mini bar
  • Hair dryer (hair dryer)

Highlight Features

Turtle release event

Jet Ski

Romantic Dinner