Pantara Islands F.a.Q

Pantara waters around the island is one of the best dive sites in the islands a thousand, so it's natural that you'll want to check out the underwater scene to enjoy the marine life that has never been experienced before., Divers will be delighted with the variety of sea creatures to see turtles, fish anemo, cockatoo , KACI-KACI, Moak, yellow tail, rabbitfishes krapu, clams bloated and stingray and starfish will provide adrenaline blast! ..Didampingi By a dive instructor and experienced professionals will make your experience more fantatis

Pantara Island FAQ
Based on the questions that we often hear in our call center, we created this section with a more detailed answer to help you.
What is the minimum people to be able to leave for the island / resort Pantara?
To the minimum departure to the island / resort is 20
How can I order to go on vacation to the island of Pantara?
Can be ordered directly to our sales office or through the travel agent
In the event of a storm, what happens to my reservation?
In the event of a storm, we will delay departure or a fee will be returned.
How long is the boat trip to the island / resort Pantara?
Approximately 2 hours to get to the island Pantara / Resort
Is the vessel equipped with safety equipment?
Yes all vessels owned by a safety device fitted as buoys
Is there insurance unt passengers / guests?
Yes there is, we are insured for passenger ships / guest
Do I need a passport to travel to the island Pantara?
Not required to bring a passport to travel unt pantara island
How to departure of the ship to the island Pantara?
To the ship's departure from Marina Ancol Pantara Island, Pier 22 Hours 8:30 am
Requested to stand by at 08:00 am (30 minutes before departure of the ship)
How many hours of departure ship back Pantara Island?
The ship's departure from the island back Pantara Hours 13:30 pm
Can my room be improved?
Could, in an upgrade to a suite cottages, with an additional cost £ 750,000,, - ++
What is the difference between category type cottage?
No, all the same type of cottage located near the beach
Is there a TV in the guest cottage?
The concept does not provide television Pantara island, so guests can be at one with nature.
Does my room have a fridge?
Yes every cottage available refrigerator and mini bar facilities
Is there a hair dryer, iron and ironing board in the room?
There is a hairdryer available
Do any of the rooms have a bath tub?
All cottages have private bathroom
Is the water supply adequate and clean, odorless?
Water supply in the island already dicertificate by Succofindo that have a laboratory recognized by the ministry of environment.
Is the use of air conditioning room?
all cottages are equipped with air conditioning
Are children allowed at the resort?
Sure, Pantara Island also has facilities for children
Is there a cellular telephone network signal?
There are towers for mobile telephone in pairs on the island / resort
Do I have to make a reservation for dinner?
No reservation required for dinner
I can order a vegetarian menu?
We can provide vegetarian menu as desired
Is bottled water provided in the fridge in the living room?
Yes, we provide mineral water bottles in each cottage
Is there a store in the resort?
Available Pantara souvenir shop on the island that is located in the lobby area
Can we scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling?
Of course they can, all the facilities that exist on the island Pantara
What kind of night time entertainment is offered?
We have karaoke facilities, guests can sing while drinking - drinking at a karaoke Musro
Do you rent bikes?
At our resort rents bicycles around the island unt

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