Resort Facility

Pantara Island East by means of 57 cottages (1 suite), guest cottages, with modern architect building of wood and bamboo, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini-fridge, Private Bathroom with Hot & Cold Water, Sofa and large terrace unt relax while looking at the sea and mendegar sound of the waves and singing birds chirping in the island Pantara.

Lobby is very spacious and comfortable, guests can accommodate about 150 people. equipped with modern sofa.

Self-Sustaining, Ramah Lingkungan
Island is a 100% Independent Pantara, electricity and water are not available from the government, the island Pantara understand important role in protecting the environment and building the resort the following facilities to maintain an environmentally friendly operation while providing maximum comfort for its guests.

Fresh Water Production - Pantara Island using 3 sets of reverse osmosis to produce fresh water 150 cubic meters per day to supply all the needs of clean water on the island has been declared eligible Pantara clean and odorless and got certificate of Suconfindo

Pantara Island supported by FOUR pieces Generator Set consisting of 3 pieces brand Yanmar 600 KVA capacity and the Nissan brand with a capacity of 150 KVA which operated 24 hours

With 2 boilers that can produce hot water with temperatures reaching 40 degrees up and produce hot water 50 Liter per minute accommodated with hot water tank 3000 ltr berkapsitas, more than enough for to supply to all the cottages in a state of full occupancy.

dirty waste water in treatment with Ramco system and given a chemical antiseptic that produce water becomes clean and odorless , and got the certificate of Sucofindo, we use to water the plants on the island pantara.

Resort Fasilitas
Front Desk 24 Jam
Security Guards 24 Jam
57 Cottages
Rental Shop
Lobby Bar / Lounge
Meeting Room
Open Air Barbeque Area
Guest Locker & Public Toilet
Snorkeling Area & Diving Pit

Fun Games
MUSRO Karaoke/Singing Hall
Land and Water Sport
Children Play Ground
Pool Table
Kakatua Restaurant
Souvenir Shop
Tower for Telephone Mobile
Fresh Water Swimming Pool
Main Jetty and Heliport
House Clinic

Highlight Features

Acara pelepasan penyu

Jet Ski

Romantic Dinner